Updated May 22, 2012


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Abbyville, KS PRCA Rodeo 2012 5th Place/Meters Teardrop: http://youtu.be/ts3VSA2QKcU

Judges Fancy Frost winning 3rd in 1D, Dunns Arena May 2012

(4N bred, now owned by Kelly Arizmendi): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgQoRt4zceM&sns=em

Triangle Cross Barrel Race 3/11/12:

Easy To Judge 5th & 1st 1D http://youtu.be/RF33l_RAtNw and

Judge Was Steelncash http://youtu.be/PnIc-tL8Ybk

 San Angelo, TX PRCA Prog. Round '12 http://youtu.be/bzrIrY4K4wM

 Chickasha, OK D & G 2012- Meters Teardrop

http://youtu.be/xi1SvohkLGg and

Kiss R Asset & Judge Was SteelnCash, http://youtu.be/Xhn_xZZGbFI

Caitlin Benjamin on Valiente, winning Checotah Team Race, Nov. 18, 2011

(started/trained/sold by 4N)


Caitlin Benjamin on Valiente winning 2nd 1D, Checotah, OK, 11/19/11 $3000 added, 315+ entries

(only horse to run two 15 sec runs all weekend, started/trained/sold by 4N)


Once In A Full Moon @ Hext Rodeo Finals 2011, placing both go's and avg.

That's A Good One 1D Pampa, TX 2011


 Kiss R Asset winning 2D Pampa TX 2011


Judges Steelncash Pampa TX 2011


 Meters Teardrop 1D runs Pampa, Tx 2011


Meters Teardrop winning 1D, CBR Jackpot Apr. 2011  


Once In A Full Moon 4th Dumas, TX TCRA Rodeo Aug. 2011


Once In A Full Moon, Perryton, TX TCRA Rodeo Aug. 2011


Miss Julie X, North Platte, NE PRCA Rodeo 2011

Terra Bynum & "Money" 5th Amarillo, TX TCRA Rodeo

Howard Nichols heeling on CS Miss Kitty Hancock, Amarillo, TX Apr. 3, 2011

Kiss R Asset, Canyon, TX jkpot Mar 2011 

Once In A Full Moon Mar. 20, 2011 winning 2nd 1D, Canyon, TX

Laurie Nichols on "Boss" Beth Cooper Mem. Open 1/28/11


Easy To Judge, Canyon, TX BR 2010

Once In A Full Moon 2010 Sunflower Open

Thats A Good One Lubbock, Tx jkpot 2010

Easy To Judge, Lubbock, TX jkpot Jan. 2010

Jenna Cadwallader on Kassidys Cowgirl (qualifying round Taylor Rodeo July 2010), trained by 4N Horses

Jenna Cadwallader & Kassidys Cowgirl placing 3rd at Taylor, AZ Rodeo (first rodeo). Trained by 4N Horses

Kassidys Cowgirl w/Jenna Cadwallader, Williams, AZ BR Trained by 4N Horses

2010 Freedom Pro Rodeo - Miss Julie X - 5th Place

Colby, KS KPRA rodeo 2010 (breakaway roping)

Miss Julie X placing 8th Hardtner, KS Pro Rodeo 2010

Kasey & Uno 2010 Guymon 1st Go



PC Cash N Reddy

Dunn's Arena, Dec. '09

Road to Tulsa - WPRA Finals 2009

Kasey & Miss Julie X 2009 Altus OK (placing 3rd!)


Kasey & Thats A Good One a/ka/ Uno 2009 TCRA Shamrock TX


Kasey heeling on Harley Lazy E Guthrie OK 2009



Kasey & Thats A Good One

Thats A Good One winning 2008 Sunflower Derby 09/28/08

(1st Go 1, 2nd Go 2, 1st Short Go & Avg)


Kasey & Roxy

Easy To Judge (Roxy) winning 2nd in 2D 2008 Sunflower Open 4D  09/28/08


Kasey & Kassidys Cowgirl

Now owned by Kelly Arizmendi, Go 1 Cornhusker Futurity placing 2nd WPRA sidepot 08/08


Kasey & Kassidys Cowgirl

Go 2 Cornhusker Futurity, placing 1st WPRA sidepot


Kasey and Uno

6th Ama., TX TCRA '08



Kasey & Thats A Good One

Winning 2nd 1D Dunn's Arena Xmas race '07, AZ


Kasey and Thats A Good One

WPRA Futurity Finals, Alvarado, TX, Jan. '07, placing in go 1


Miss Julie X & Kasey @ Abbyville, KS & Coleman, OK PRCA rodeos '05


Dan winning Pendleton, OR


Kasey on Clyde Junior X aka Happy

Owned by Mountain Rose Ranch placing 7th in Avg. at Alvarado, TX WPRA Futurity


Kasey on Thats A Good One aka Uno

Abilene D & G, 2007, 1D money earners Race 1 & 2


Dan heeling for Joe Nichols at 2005 USTRC Finals

#11 roping, placed 13th in average and won 2nd in the #10 incentive


Laurie placing on Judge Bett X

Elkhart, KS KPRA rodeo


Kasey & Miss Julie X - Sunflower Derby 2005

Winning both go's and average & the open 1D average


Kasey & Honor De Judge

Victory Farms Derby


Laurie Nichols riding Judge Bett X aka Freckles

2D Winner at Christmas Cash barrel race, Amarillo, TX 2005


Howard Nichols heading on Jet Creek Jet for Carl Wilkins

1991 Pot O Gold Champions, Desert Hills, AZ, 33.17 on 4 head.


Dan winning Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo

1996, Pocatello, ID